Naruto vs One Piece 2.0

Naruto vs One Piece 2.0

 Get ready an awesome struggle by characters of One Piece which was appeared first time in 1997, and Naruto manga series was appeared later. You will be addict of this game which contains lots of different characters like Naruto, Kushina, Obito, Tobirama in itself.

After the game is loaded, you can start a single player game by clicking on the first button and you can start a two player game by clicking on third button. After then pick your characters. Set the characters fighting order and start the game. Here is the controls of the game:

1st Player:
Move: "A,D"
Assistant Keys: "W,S"
Attack: "J"
Jump: "K"
Slipping: "L"
Special Attack: "U,I,O"

2nd Player:
Assistant Keys: "UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS"
Attack: "Numeric Klavie 1"
Jump: "Numeric Klavie 2"
Slipping: "Numeric Klavie 3"
Special Attack: "Numeric Klavie 4,5,6"

During the game, you can make different and powerful attacks by combining assistant keys and attack keys. For instance: "UP ARROW KEY+J" or "DOWN ARROW KEY+J". When any of your character's energy ends, it will switch another character automatically. Don't forget that every fighter has different fighting skills. You should pick the best one for yourself.

You can see your character's energy from the bar located on top of the game screen. You will continue to present you awesome fighting games full of Naruto and One Piece heroes, like this game. Please, keep following us. Have fun!