Naruto Genin Battles

Naruto Genin Battles

Here's another game of Naruto anime serie's ninja fighters with you. In Naruto manga serie, ninjas consist of 3 levels; Genin, Chunin and Jounin. The first one is Genin. After Ninja Academy, fighters try to gain a real ninja's experience and try to learn team work in the following chapter.

Click "Play" button to start the game. Then select your ninja from 5 different options on Genin level.

Game Controls:

1st Player (Player at the left side of keyboard): Moves with "W,A,S,D" keys. Makes action movements with "1,2" keys.

2nd Player (Player at the right side of keyboard): Movest with "Arrow Keys". Makes action movements with "Space" and "Ctrl" keys.

Let everybody to show their ninja abilities on Genin level!