Fire and Bombs Game

We are presenting you another superb flash game which is like "Bomb It". As it always has been, this game also has two player game mode and bonus features which are different from each other. We are pretty sure that this game addict you to on your computer.

Your goal is to kill all enemies with the bombs that you place. You can start to play as single player with "LEVEL" button. You can start to play as two player with "BATTLE" button.

Game controls are as follows:
1st Player:
Place a bomb with "SPACE-BAR"

2nd Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Place a bob with "CAPS-LOCK"

You can have more power with the bonus features which comes up from the blocks that you blow up. On the right side of the game screen, you can see the players features. Be careful, the dash bonus decreases depending on your walk.

Have fun!

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