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Football Heads 2014 World Cup Game

Another world cup tournament comes with this game! Select one of the tough team in the world cup and take your place in this tournament. Beside, you can play this game by two player either. Come on! Call your buddy and incorporate him/her to this excitement!

When the game is loaded, a "PLAY" button is going to appear bottom side of the screen, click on it and proceed to main menu. You can play this game in two different mode as single player and two player. To play as single, click on "NEW CHAMPIONSHIP" button and select the team that you want to participate the championship then click on "PLAY" button and select the field and click on "PLAY" button again to start to match.

If you want to play by two player, click on "TWO PLAYER" button. Select your teams and choose the field and click on "PLAY" button.

Controls of the gamers:
If you are playing alone:

If you are playing by two player:
1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"

2nd Player:
Kick: "P"

During the matches, by the buttons located on lower right side of the game screen, by question mark, you can see the controls of the game and by music icons, you can set the game music and sounds and by button the door, you can go back to previous menu.

We wish you have fun!

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