4096 Punch

4096 Punch

This time pixel boxers are getting on the boxing rings. And of course, each boxer are representing his country. You can participate these box matches which all are great from each other, by picking up the boxer you want to play with and if you want you can play entertaining box matches against your friend. You should do defense in the time when it is necessary and you should attack in the time when your rival is weak. Watch for weak moment of your rival and when you catch it, just attack!

Game controls:
Player 1:
Move: "A,D"
Block high/low: "W,S"
Punch low: "J"
Punch high: "K"

Player 2:
Block high/low: "UP-DOWN ARROWS"
Punch low: "1" Numpad.
Punch high: "2" Numpad.

Good luck!