4.6 is here with you as a game that is full of fun and 2D side-scrolling and it's designed so you can try very different crazy basketball stunts and shoots!  There are many game modes within this game. These modes are:

  • You can start a match in single-player game mode against the tough CPU player.
  • You can start a superb game against any of your friends on your local computer in two-player gaming mode.
  • The "HOST" option will allow you to create a game room and you can invite someone online to this room.
  • "JOIN" mode will let you join one of your friend's game rooms and you can play this mode online either.

There are twelve legendary basketball characters waiting for you. You can unlock the locked characters by winning matches and you can have more powerful game characters to play more entertaining games. In each round, the one who scores 15 first, wins the game. If you can score three times in a row, your character will have a burning power-up and this will provide you the advantage of moving faster and having more stable shots.

Player 1:
Shoot/Stunt/Block: "L" or "SPACE"

Player 2:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Shoot/Stunt/Block: "G"

Have fun!