4 Colors World Tour Multiplayer

4 Colors World Tour Multiplayer
A card game within the worlds of cards with the red, blue, yellow, and purple colors with the 4 Colors World Tour Multiplayer game. These cards consist of vegetables, statues, toys, or some other characters. Each game will let you earn some coins and this will let you buy new card skins.
Here is how the game logic works; there are different card types in different numbers. You can match the same numbered or same colored cards with each other. Besides these ordinary cards, there are some other types like "+2, +3, Return, Block, Color Pick Cards". "Block and Return" cards will let you play twice and the "Color Pick" card will give you chance to define the ground color. "+2 and +3 Cards" will give your opponent new cards. When you have one color left on your hand, you should press the "1" key and your goal is to give away all of the cards.
The most fun and the most important part of this game is, both to be played in online multiplayer and local up to four players. You can create your own room and play against a friend by inviting him/her via the room link or you can join a game room. You can also activate the local playing mode and play up to four players against your friends.

Game Controls:

Good luck!