3.5 is an online multiplayer tank battle game. Lots of features, modes, and about anything about a tank battle will be waiting for you within this game. Some of the game features may require log-in or register. New tank and tank customization features are in the Shop menu and you can buy if you can earn enough coins from the battles. In the Garage section, you can do customizations with the tanks you own. You can do research and improve your current tank's power and unlock new tanks as well.

There are two types of battle, first one is the Conquest mode. In this mode, your goal is to conquer the areas with your team and take down the enemy forces. Battle mode will be unlocked at rank 5 and you will be able to fight against the enemy team based on score. You can even create your own room and invite your friends and have fun together.

If you can hit your enemy on its weak point, you can instantly explode them. The rear sides of the tanks are the weakest point. Try to hit your enemies on the rear. Near sides of the tanks have mid armor, and the front sides have the most powerful armor. Avoid being hit on the rear sides. If you're ready, let the tank battle begin!

Game Controls:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Aim: "MOUSE"

Have fun!