A great adventure begins with the Diep.io game which is a top-down multiplayer arena battle game. When you start the game in any mode, you start from level one. You can level up by destroying yellow, red, and blue boxes around you. You can update your tank visual every 15 levels. On each time you level up, you will have one skill point to increase the power of your tank. There are eight different game modes in the game;

FFA Mode: In this mode, all of the players are alone and fight each other. Try to be the biggest player in the arena and kill all of your opponents.

Survival Mode: Only five players can join this mode and the arena goes smaller. You should try to be the last standing in this mode.

2 Teams: 2 teams attend this mode and they fight with each other. Try to make your team the leader of the game.

4 Teams: It is four team version of 2 teams game. Four different colored teams attend the game and fight with each other.

Domination: There are four points in the middle of the game map and two teams join the battle arena. Each team tries to obtain all of the points. When a team captures all of the points, it wins the game.

Tag: Four team players start this game. Each team tries to kill the rest of the players and reborn them with its own team's color. The team which scores 40 players wins the game.

Maze: This is a simple battle arena version but the difference is just the map. The map is prepared like a maze the goal is to become the leader in the game.

Sandbox: It is the single player version of the game. In this mode, you can start within a map in which you can upgrade your tank and features to test which tank is more suitable for you.

Game controls:
Move: "W,A,S,D"

Have fun!