Possession Football

Possession Football

Here is a great football game which is played by four players at the same time. And also, your goal is not to score a goal, your goal is to push your rival into the hole. We think you will addicted to this game and it is going to be so fun what we think.

After the game is loaded, you can proceed to the main menu by clicking on the "CONTINUE" button located in the lower-right corner of the game screen. After that click on the "START" button and select a game mode. Here are the game modes:

STANDARD: The players try to push their rivals into the hole. The player who keeps the ball wins.

TEAM PLAY: "STANDARD" game mode's team play mode. The players are divided into two teams and scores count by considering the teams' scores. The team that keeps the ball wins.

TARGET: It is like "STANDARD" game mode. The only difference is, the score is limited instead of time.

ZONE: If the player who keeps the ball, reaches the area that is marked by a star, gets the score.

Here are the controls of the game:

1st Player:
Spin: "A"

2nd Player:
Spin: "X"

3rd Player:
Spin: "P"

4th Player:
Spin: "M"

We will continue to present the most beautiful football games for you. Please don't forget to add our website to your bookmark. Have a ball!