Mini Fighters: Quest & Battle

Mini Fighters: Quest & Battle

Enter the best mini RPG game in history! MINI FIGHTERS : QUEST & BATTLE is a great combination of RPG and war games. The idea here is that you need to create and manage your army as you try to eliminate all the enemies in front of you.

There are tons of different enemy types, and you will also be able to acquire all kinds of different allies too. each one of your allies has his own features and weapons. That means your team will have its special tricks as well as attack and defense combos.

You need to use all these tools at your disposal in order to win. With numerous strategies you can use to defeat the enemy, all you have to do is to spin the wheel, see what enemies you are dealing with and then attack them.


  • Fun miniature RPG game
  • Intense gameplay mechanics
  • Randomized attacks and power-ups
  • Each hero has his own abilities