Island Run

Island Run

Welcome to Island Run, the ultimate gaming experience for those of us that like action-packed gameplay. The main focus in this game is to try and run as much as you can while avoiding the obstacles in your way. The more you run, the more you will be able to deal with obstacles and eventually win the game. You need to acquire the highest possible score, the more you run the better.

It's not going to be easy, as every level is randomized and you never know what can appear in front of you and what challenges can arise. With Island Run you have great challenges since you encounter enemies and all sorts of obstacles in your path.

Test your capabilities and try out your hand at the most interesting gameplay ideas you have ever seen. Don't hesitate and give Island Run a shot if you like tense, skill based games. There are numerous power ups and skins to choose from as well. All you need is to check out Island Run today and see how far you can go. Do you have what it takes to reach the highest score and become the ultimate island runner?


  • Intense infinite running gameplay
  • Lots of skins to choose from
  • Various challenges that you will deal with
  • Beautiful graphics