Draw Climber

Draw Climber

Draw Climber is a game where you need to draw and climb in order to win. The cool thing here is that you need to draw the legs as you help the character to reach the end of the level. The challenge comes from actively finding the right legs for that level. Every level is different and you won't always be able to use the same legs again and again. It's a very interesting, fun little game with creative ideas.

Experimentation is key here, since you always have to push the boundaries and bring in something rewarding and extremely exciting all the time. You will need to run fast in order to get to the end of the level and reach that amazing score you always wanted.

Every level has its fair share of shapes and obstacles, so you have to draw wisely. If now, you will end up needing to revisit levels again and again!

• Unique game where you draw your legs to run
• Numerous obstacles and challenges in every level
• Go through trial and error to find the right pair of legs per level