Geometry Dash Nemesis

Geometry Dash Nemesis

If you're tired of jumping over obstacles and not making it, Geometry Dash Nemesis is here to help. Enter the ultimate game where you take the role of a square that tries to destroy all the obstacles in the world. That's not easy to do because there are a ton of challenges to deal with, and you must pay a lot of attention to every obstacle that comes your way.

You need to improve your gun as you play if you want to have any chances of survival. On top of that, every obstacle that you hit will help you improve your weapon and get better and better. You need to eliminate as many obstacles as you can and the results can be extremely rewarding. Give it a try for yourself and the value itself can be nothing short of staggering.


  • Destroy all obstacles on the field
  • Upgrade your weapon as you complete objectives
  • Intense, action packed gameplay