Blast Red!

Blast Red!

BLAST RED is a simple game where you are surrounded by blocks. The thing you need to do is to blast all the red blocks and nothing else. Don't let the green blocks fall into the water otherwise you will lose. Game is an intense, one of a kind game that really pushes the boundaries and it brings in front a vast range of results in a wonderful manner. You will appreciate the results and the value itself can be nothing short of amazing.

On top of that, Blast Red is a game all about dexterity and attention. You need to be very careful as you try to figure out what you enjoy the most and what you like. It's different, creative and it constantly pushes the boundaries in a wonderful manner. Just try to give it a try for yourself and you will certainly find it very interesting and rewarding at the same time.


  • Intense dexterity game
  • Dozens of stages to choose from
  • Very interesting and fun
  • Minimalist design