Slap King

Slap King

Slap King is a game where all you have to do is slap the person in front of you as much as possible. You have a certain amount of life there and you need to make sure that you slap the other person more than they slap you. This is a cool backyard theme game that's really nifty, intense, and full of joyful experiences.

You will appreciate the fact that you will have immediate access to high-quality results, and the gameplay itself is always among some of the best. Plus, you can easily test out a variety of different slap styles and techniques. The idea is to become the best that you can be, and it will certainly give you the sensation that you can have amazing times.

There are multiple opponents in Slap King and each one has different techniques. That means you will always have someone new to slap, and each experience is different. Try out new tricks and become the Slap King today!


  • Intense and fun slapping game
  • Find the right slapping technique
  • Engage very challenging slappers