Stock Car Hero

Stock Car Hero

Stock Car Hero is a great racing game where you need to compete across America in a stock car series. You will need to defeat all the enemies in order to become the champion. But as you can imagine, there are lots of other drivers that have the same goal, so it's always a race to the finish line, where the best driver will win.

Since there are so many challenges and rewarding situations, you must use all those tricks at your disposal if you want to win. The game lets you boost around corners, dodge traffic, collect coins and upgrade the car as you go along. Finding the right way to become the ultimate driver has never been easier, and the game constantly pushes the boundaries to deliver an extraordinary and rewarding experience you do not want to miss. 

Do you have what it takes to become the next racing hero?

• Intense racing gameplay
• Dodge traffic
• Boost around corners
• Upgrade your car with coins