Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure

Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure

Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure is a fun game where you are facing other people in a race on the highway. Create your own vehicle and then you need to try and free the evil cars as fast as possible. There's a lot of need for high agility, attention, focus and tremendous driving skills. Without that, you will not be able to win. 
This is a game where everything is important, from the simplest thing to immersive and rewarding game mechanics. You need to learn how to drive and become the best in this field. Buy cars, upgrade them and play against the cops so you can find amazing monster cars. These are crazy, fun and immersive races with incredible game mechanics that you will enjoy.

Test out Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure today if you want the best and most intense car game experience with tycoon elements!

• Intense car racing gameplay
• Become the ultimate car tycoon
• Upgrade cars to win