3D Night City

3D Night City

3D Night City is the ultimate night time city driving experience. This is a great way to test your driving skills against the AI or your friends. Your primary focus is to race your rivals in 10 different levels and see which one is better. Every rival gets the chance to finish first and accumulate as many points as possible.

Game Controls:
Player 1: “ARROW KEYS”
Player 2: “W,A,S,D”

Unlock new vehicles the more you play

In 3D Night City you can easily replay any level you want for as many times you want. At first you will start with a simple green sedan but as you play you can accumulate money and you can use those to acquire new vehicles. There are multiple cars to choose from, each one having its own acceleration, speed and other great stats. It’s a good idea to try out all of them to see which one suits your needs the most. With so many cool game mechanics, it’s easy to find the right one that you like the most.

Numerous vehicle upgrades

Getting the newest vehicles won’t always bring you the win home. What you want to do is to try and buy new vehicles when you have money, but also upgrade them so you can improve. It will take a little bit of time to get used to every car, but upgrading it will make things a lot better and easier to handle all the time. That’s very exciting and it brings you a tremendous sense of immersion when you complete every task.

Beautiful levels

3D Night City features 10 different levels with a great design and some shortcuts you can take as well. The great thing is that you get to drive during the night, so there are no people outside and you can go wild with the other drivers. The intense soundtrack also contributes to the great sense of immersion!

Intense multiplayer

You can race against the AI, but if you want you can also race against a friend in splitscreen. The gameplay is always exciting and you have new, creative ways to play and enjoy your time with friends. Plus, every race has its own demanding situations and ways to cut corners or get in front of the other drivers!

If you love arcade racing in its purest form, try out 3D Night City right now and you will enjoy the great mechanics and immersive experience!