Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans is a fun arcade game where you are skating in a beautiful city and you need to stay away from the police as much as you can. The main focus here is to collet coins and stay alive as much as you can to reach the highest possible score. 

As you accumulate coins, you can spend them on a variety of upgrades and purchase cool new skateboards. This is a very intense endless running game where every little challenge can end up testing your skills and your limits. It's an intense game that delivers a lot of fun and an incredible experience. You will need to use all your skill to stay away from obstacles, which can be hard since everything is moving fast. But this is the game that will help you improve your reflexes, and you have a great array of amazing levels to go through too. If you love endless running, skill-based games, try out Skate Hooligans today!

• Help the skater evade the police
• Intense endless running gameplay
• Collect coins to unlock bonuses and skateboards