Super MX - The Champion

Super MX - The Champion

Super MX - The Champion is the ultimate dirt bike simulator. In this game you need to test your skills and try to improve as much as you can with a very interesting, exciting gaming experience. You can play alone and test your skills, either in free ride or as you race against other people.

Super MX - The Champion is bringing you the intensity you have on an MX track, all while testing your skills and making it easy to improve. The race is fierce, but you can also do stunts if you want. It's a rewarding and very intense approach towards playing the game, and it does bring in front some amazing, exciting gameplay mechanics for you to explore. That alone makes it super impressive and a lot of fun to enjoy all the time.
Try out Super MX - The Champion today if you want to play a great dirt bike racing game!

• Intense dirt bike racing gameplay
• Free play and racing modes
• Realistic controls
• Beautiful graphics