4.3 is a game where you enter a race against other people very quickly. You have 3 laps and 8 opponents that you need to surpass in order to win. This offers a great sense of immersion and outstanding gameplay, which is something very cool and exciting.

You will need to use all your driving skills as you try to complete the race. Since there are multiple laps, you need to surpass everyone and also stay safe as you try to win. There are boosts on the map, and these can help you quite a bit. Of course there are some issues too, such as oil spills. If you're looking to win, then you have to do everything you can in order to surpass the finish line first. It's not easy, but it will be quite an interesting experience.

Try out and test your racing skills today!


  • Intense racing game against other players
  • Numerous boosts to use during the race
  • Stay away from oil spills
  • Insane speeds