Color Blitz

Color Blitz

Color Blitz is a cool match 3 game with a single premise! You must match 3 or more balls with the same color to score points. The more balls you connect, the higher the score. A cool thing here is that you can connect colors diagonally too. This opens up many new ideas and options, and it brings you a rewarding, great set of results you can't find anywhere else.

Every stage has its own goals and tasks you need to complete. The faster you complete those, the better it will be and you will have an extraordinary experience trying to complete everything at your own pace. The game is interesting, exciting, and full of unique challenges for you to pursue.

If you like puzzle games that are minimalist but also challenging, Color Blitz is here for you. With 80+ levels and unique game mechanics, you have some amazing experiences and tremendous value every time. Just try it and you will be incredibly impressed with the immersive gameplay and great ways to surpass your previous scores!


  • Minimalist visuals
  • Outstanding game mechanics
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • 80+ levels to play through