Ludo Wars

Ludo Wars

Ludo Wars is the classic game of Ludo with a really cool twist. Here you get to play with a friend or an online player. The great thing here is that you retain the normal Ludo experience while also coming up with something new and very rewarding.

On top of that, the rules are very simple. You just need to be the first player that's moving the pieces to the end goal will win. This is a very creative game with lots of interesting strategies that you can pursue. Not only that, but you need to watch out for the trap spaces and enemy pieces. It really manages to make the experience more exciting and the results themselves can be among some of the best every time.

If you like the Ludo gameplay and want a unique take on it with trap spaces and lots of challenges, then give it a try. You will find Ludo Wars to be very intense and immersive.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Play online or offline
  • Move all pieces to the end goal
  • Intense gameplay