FlipSurf is an intense arcade game where you play against other people and you need to try and reach the end of the level by being the first one. It's just a whole lot of fun and you can get better and better all the time. The game comes with a variety of different maps, and you can compete against real people all over the world.

Touch the screen to speed up and then tap it in order to do a variety of flips in the air. This is a very intense game with lots of unique and fun mechanics. It becomes really fun and different, while also encouraging you to try out new things and pushing the boundaries in a creative way.

If you love surfing and competing with other people, give it a shot right away. You will love just how fun the game is and how intense it can become when you play against others.


  • Numerous maps to choose from
  • Themed race tracks
  • Lots of characters to unlock
  • Flip boosters