Silly Ways to Get Infected

Silly Ways to Get Infected

Silly Ways To Get Infected is a fun little game where you play the role of small people and you need to prevent any infestation from getting to them. It's a really funny, simple game where your main focus is to protect people from getting infected. It definitely seems like something hard to do, but it can become a whole lot of fun, and the gameplay only gets better and better as you play. 

There are many instances where you can get infected, but the idea is to avoid any infection and stay safe. Doing something like that is not going to be easy, yet it shows you just how fast you can get infected from a virus.

On top of that, Silly Ways To Get Infected teaches you about hygiene and the things you need to do in order to stay safe. It certainly pushes the boundaries when it comes to staying safe and healthy, and the results you get from it are very exciting and different. That's one of the reasons why you really want to give it a try for yourself and check it out!

• Learn about how you can get infected with viruses
• Test your speed and see how you can deal with viruses
• Intense, exciting arcade gameplay that differs every level!