4 is a cool multiplayer game where you need to hunt the smaller shark while avoiding the bigger ones. Your focus is to grow as much as you can without getting eaten by others. It's a very fun and exciting game, but since it's multiplayer, you will need to play against other people and try to win. That can be incredibly fun, but it's also demanding since you need to avoid them while still eating smaller shark.

You can also customize your baby shark in This means you can have different colors and hats too, all in order to make the gameplay fun and really nice every time. That's why you want to check it out if you love sharks and animals in general. Plus, it's all about trying to become the best you can in such a game, and it really delivers in a wonderful and exciting new way!

• Eat other sharks to get bigger
• Accumulate gems as you play
• Customize your shark with hats