The battle between the holes is beginning in the arena! Pick your hole and join this battle! Eat fruits, planes, cars, and many things that come to mind, and grow as much as you can!

Your goal is to eat things that are smaller than you and make your hole bigger than the enemy's. Avoid bigger holes and try to collect power-ups besides eatable items.

Four different great maps are waiting for you:

2048 Map:
Collect 2048 cubes on this map, and feed your hole as much as you can. The numbers on the cubes are not counted as points. They are just visual.

World Map:
This map contains items from daily life, such as cars, trees, balls, etc.

Stationary Map:
This map contains elements from stationary like pens, notebooks, inks, cases, etc.

Kitchen Map:
This map contains fruits, pastas, vegetables, and many other things related to the kitchen.

How to play?
On PC:

On Mobile Devices/Tablets:
Use Joystick and Boost buttons.

Eat smaller items, destroy smaller opponents, and avoid bigger enemies.