4.3 is a cool and simple game where you need to eat up small circles and grow into a larger animal. At first, you are a small mouse, but you get bigger and bigger, and that's where the game really sets the tone to be exciting, rewarding, and just insanely entertaining as well.

Every new animal tier is interesting and fun, and it always encourages you to try out something new and distinctive. It pushes you to the next level, while people will also do the same. In the end, it's a battle to see which is better, bigger, and stronger, and you have to do everything you can to achieve those things in a clever manner.

The experience is rewarding, and fun and it constantly encourages you to try out more and more things to enjoy. It's immersive and you will like it, as it's one of the best IO games out there.

•  Become the largest animal in the game
•  Fun, exciting IO gameplay
•  Simplistic graphics