Do you have what it takes to explore the North American frontier and build a life for yourself? KLONDIKE is an amazing and really fun game where all you need to do is to try and create a small city, then expand it and explore all the region. This is a place where not a lot of people live, so you will encounter wilderness and all kinds of challenges. You need to see if you have what it takes and just enjoy it. This is a very creative, exciting experience with clever mechanics and rewarding solutions.

Exploring such a challenging world is always going to come with its fair share of challenges. But you need to use all your friend's power to try and explore the world and acquire all the stuff you need. It's not an easy thing, but Klondike will give you all the exciting and fun things you want to try out. You will certainly enjoy it!

• Go to a new place and explore the world
• Ask help from friends
• Rewarding gameplay ideas