Dig It!

Dig It!

DIG IT is a game with a very simple concept. The idea here is that you have a starting point and a destination. The main focus for all of this is to dig and guide the ball to the destination. You will have to do that as fast as possible and you will win. It's a very impressive concept with great ideas and it also offers a wide array of challenges for you to explore. That's one of the cool things about dig it, the fact that it has a lot of levels you need to go through.

Each level is different and you will have to find your own strategies in order to win. The great thing with dig it is that it makes you think outside the box so you can solve all the challenges in front of you. That's nice, fun and different, which is exactly what really makes it a fun game for everyone!


  • Lots of levels to play through
  • Intuitive and fun gameplay
  • Exciting digging adventure!