TrollFace Quest: USA 2

TrollFace Quest: USA 2

TROLLFACE QUEST: USA 2 is bringing you to the USA where you need to try and prank everyone in order for you to win. The cool thing about this game is that you will journey from one place to the other trying to complete all kinds of tasks. From celebrities to politicians, there's a lot of stuff to check out and the gameplay itself is very interesting and just a whole lot of fun for you to try out all the time.

With numerous adventures and puzzles in the game, you will always find something rewarding and fun to complete. That's what makes TROLLFACE QUEST: USA 2 so good, the fact that it constantly pushes the boundaries to bring in some immersive results. It's a very good idea to consider and if you check it out, nothing can stand in your way.

If you love arcade games and exciting game mechanics, then the experience can be very interesting. The game is all about bringing in humor and fun, and it's really fun to play.


  • Lots of comedy and humor
  • Very easy to play and fun moments
  • Immersive mechanics
  • Plenty of puzzles