Ball Picker 3D

Ball Picker 3D

Ball Picker 3D is a game where you have a magnet and your focus is to acquire as many balls as possible. As you go through the level you will have a very specific amount of balls you need to unlock in order to win. Levels are split into multiple sections, and every section has a certain amount of balls you need to obtain before you unlock.

If you don't have enough spheres accumulated at the checkpoint, you have to restart the level. It's a very simple concept, but a fun one and you will find it incredibly interesting and a whole lot of fun to go through. 
While playing the game, you will receive coins based on your performance and you can unlock skins too. It's a unique, interesting approach to the game experience and you will appreciate the immersive, fun, and different 

• Each level has at least 3 sections
• Collect as many white spheres
• Skill-based, impressive gameplay!