Relic Runway

Relic Runway

Relic Runway is a wonderful arcade game where you need to do all in your power in order to acquire the best relics and stay away from ancient monsters trying to kill you. This is a very intense game with lots of challenging moments and an immersive set of game mechanics. You will need to explore the level, avoid all the obstacles and figure out the best way to uncover ancient artifacts and reach that next level quickly. This is a very fun game where you can unlock a vast range of new characters. You will also need to collect coins and acquire bonuses as you play, not to mention unlock great characters all the time.

If you love skill based arcade games, this is the right one for you. Relic Runway tests your agility, reflexes and it constantly tests you out with new challenges. Every level has new challenges too, such as getting bonuses, scoring a certain amount of points or getting coins. Check it out!

• Intense endless running gameplay
• Collect coins and obtain upgrades
• Unlock new characters as you play
• Break idols and discover ancient artifacts