Pull the Pin

Pull the Pin

Pull the Pin is a simple game where the only thing that you must do is pull the pin using your mouse. Collect the balls with the cup, and try to get them all. You will have a certain goal when it comes to how many balls you need to collect. You must use that to your advantage if you want to win. 

The game itself is very tricky, it has its fair share of challenges, and it also gets better and better all the time. It's also really intense, and you will find it extremely easy to play all the time. If you love arcade games you really need to play this game, as it's unlike anything that you can find out there. Plus, you need to pay a lot of attention to the strategies you use, because that's what will make the game more interesting all the time.

• Intense, strategic arcade game
• Pull the pin to get all the balls in a cup
• Simplistic, beautiful graphics