Shot Trigger

Shot Trigger

Shot Trigger is a fun arcade game where you need to rescue civilians in the underworld. But doing that is not going to be easy, so you must focus on everything you can achieve in order to win. There are tons of challenges as you play, and you will have to deal with all of them.

The game experience is all about using your skills to eliminate enemies and free hostages. That's not easy to do, and you will have a wide range of different enemies and situations to deal with. But with the right timing and ideas, it will be well worth it.

When you play Shot Trigger, you will notice this is a game about timing and carefulness. It's definitely tricky and challenging, but as you play you will have a lot of fun and it becomes better and better. You should totally check it out today!


  • Intense action shooter
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Free the hostages
  • Great music