4.4 is a cool game where you play the role of a duck in a wonderful water park. The main thing you need to do is to try and finish the level first before other people. You will be alongside 9 other ducks in the level and you have to avoid them as you are sliding down.

However, there are places where you will be thrown away from the slide, and you can fall in front of everyone. This is cool because you get to become better and better as you play. It's extremely fun, immersive and it brings in front that sense of experience and value you don't want to miss. With DuckPark you always have a lot of fun exploring the level and trying to eliminate others.

And since you're playing against other human players, you never really know what you can get. It's immersive, intense and a lot of fun, which is why you want to give DuckPark a try today, as it's one of the coolest arcade racing games out there. It's simple, but there are still lots of strategies you can use in order to win. Check it out right now!


  • Amazing water park race
  • Eliminate opponents quickly
  • Fast paced arcade game
  • Intense mechanics