Worms Zone is a fun arcade game where you are battling other snakes to be number one. The way you play is simple, you just have to eat as many items in front of you as possible and try to not die. Once you die, you can either pay some currency to get back into the game or you can just try again. It's a very intense, fun experience and exciting little game with cool mechanics.

A lot of people love Worms Zone because it's simple and fun to play. The gameplay is immersive, and the visuals are very nice. Plus, you always have the challenge of being first right in front of you, and all you need is to test and improve your skills. It's exciting and it always encourages you to push the boundaries and just have fun for a change.

• Intense gameplay 
• Grow the snake and win nr 1
• Avoid other snakes
• Beautiful visuals