X Racer

X Racer

X RACER is a fun racing game where your primary focus is to go through the game world and reach the highest score as possible. Keep in mind that if you touch anything, you die. That means you need to be very careful to avoid any possible obstacle that comes in your way and move on. 

What you will like the most about x racer is the fact that it's very intense, exciting to play and you have all kinds of bonuses you can get to boost your score. Be aware that there are moving obstacles, and those can be even more dangerous than ever before. 

Embrace the racing challenge and give x racer a shot today! This is one of the coolest and most immersive arcade games out there, and it constantly pushes the boundaries when it comes to offering you an exciting and extremely rewarding gaming experience. Just consider checking it out and have fun getting the highest score.

• Fast paced, fun gameplay
• Avoid the obstacles
• Try to reach the highest score
• Acquire bonus circles as you play