Granny Parkour

Granny Parkour

GRANNY PARKOUR is a game where you paly the role of a child that tries to reach his granny. However, other kids also want to reach granny, so your focus is to go through the entire game world as quickly as possible. You need to be the first one to reach granny, and it can be very difficult to do that.

The game is all about platforming and trying to pursue your best skills and even improve them if needed. The gameplay is extraordinary, very fun and designed to offer you an incredible experience every time. If you like fast paced, rewarding and exciting moments, then this is the right game for you. It's intense and different, and you should totally consider checking it out.

With Granny Parkour you will get to improve your platforming while also learning how to reach your destination faster!


  • Great combination of parkour and arcade gameplay
  • Impressive multiplayer experience
  • Compete against other people and try to win!