Adventurous Snake & Ladders

Adventurous Snake & Ladders

Welcome to ADVENTUROUS SNAKE & LADDERS, the ultimate arcade gaming experience where you play snakes and ladders online with friends. It's a fun game with 3 unique boards and each one of them has a different design. You will need to press the dice, roll it and then you move accordingly. The great thing is that you still get to try and reach the end of the level, but there are snakes and ladders too that will help you get closer to the goal or you might end up getting back to where you were or worse.

There are lots of events in the game, for example you can get a new dice roll, you can freeze the opponent, get stuck in the spider web, lose a turn and so on. The game is incredible, full of exciting ideas and it constantly pushes the boundaries to bring in something rewarding and different.

Try to reach the end of the line as fast as you can and you will be very happy with the results. But there are numerous opponents to play against, so you really need to use all your skills in order to win!


  • Online based snakes and ladders game
  • Numerous in-game events
  • 3 unique boards