Tap the Frog

Tap the Frog

Tap The Frog is a simple game where you have to complete all kinds of tasks by tapping on frogs. It's a very interesting and fun game idea, one that helps push the boundaries in a clever way. It's one of those games where you have a vast range of activities and it can get incredibly fun and interesting. Once you start playing, you will find yourself trying to replay the same levels all over again to get more coins.

You can use coins to unlock new frogs or accessories. This way you can choose how to play and what features to expect. It's immersive and different, it's certainly a lot of fun and you will have to go through a vast range of levels to enjoy the game more than ever before. 

Test out this cool frog game and try to unlock as many frogs and cosmetics while completing some cool levels!

• Fun tapping gameplay
• Lots of items to unlock
• Test your reflexes
• Simple graphics