Are you ready to test your capabilities in a cool, fun and immersive puzzle game? Sokoban gives you the opportunity to push crates and boxes around a warehouse. The idea here is that you have a starting point and each box on the level needs to be set in a particular place. If you get it all of them at the predefined destination, you will fine.

The great thing with Sokoban is that every level is different. So you will need to establish new strategies and improve how you can play in order to win. It's very interesting, appealing and you will find the gameplay very good every time.

Give Sokoban a try and you will be more than impressed with the great visuals and the intricate puzzle ideas you can find in the game. If you like puzzle games, give Sokoban a try and we guarantee you will have a very good experience and amazing results. Just check it out and you will enjoy it!


  • Very simple, addictive puzzle gameplay
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • Dozens of levels to play through
  • Beautiful graphics