Snake is one of the most rewarding and fun gaming experiences of all time. The idea here is to get all the fruit in order to win. Keep in mind that the more you eat, the longer you get, and that tail can become an obstruction and your eventual enemy.

2 game modes

One of the main game modes is survival, in this mode, you just have to avoid hitting your body in order to win. The more you survive, the longer you will be so you need to pay a lot of attention. Then you have the adventure mode, with 20+ packed levels that give you really good difficulty and plenty of challenges for you to check out all the time.

Immersive snake gameplay

Snake is a classic game, and this iteration brings it to the modern times. It's extremely easy to play, a lot of fun and you get to enjoy the nifty ideas and cool moments in a very creative manner. Snake offers tons of fun and new modes you can play on your device. Try out Snake today and just enjoy some old-school fun with modern graphics.


  • Very fun snake game experience
  • 2 great game modes
  • Stunning visuals
  • Test your limits