Finger Soccer 2020

Finger Soccer 2020

Finger Soccer 2020 is the coolest finger football game that you can ever play. With just a single tap on the desired player you will need to try and put the ball in the net as you move your character in the right direction.

The game is very intense, it has great mechanics with realistic football rules. It’s very easy to play, but hard to master! You can easily customize any game length, who you play against, the team formation and so on.

In addition, Finger Soccer 2020 has a multitude of game modes too. These include singleplayer, two player, tournament and penalty kicks. Which means you can easily play with a friend or alone, or you can just try and improve your gameplay via penalty kicks.

The AI is very good and it will put a good fight every time you play. This offers some very demanding situations where you really have to put yourself to the test as you try to win. Thanks to incredible game mechanics, you will always struggle to beat the enemy, be it an AI or not.

Try out Finger Soccer 2020 if you are a fan of football and you will cherish the amazing gameplay, numerous game modes and beautiful graphics!


  • Impressive finger football game
  • Enjoy multiple game modes
  • Minimalist visuals
  • Test yourself with penalty kicks