Realistic Air Hockey

Realistic Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a very fun game you can play with friends, and Realistic Air Hockey helps you bring that amazing experience to your pc and mobile devices. With Realistic Air Hockey you have the unique opportunity to test your air hockey skills quickly and become the best at this game.

How to play

The air hockey game is similar to football. You need to try and push the ball in between the goal posts of your competitor. At the same time, you need to prevent them from doing the same thing. The cool thing about Realistic Air Hockey is that you can play alone against the AI or with a friend if you want. This way you can really test yourself and push the experience to new heights all the time.

Very intense gameplay

Realistic Air Hockey is created around the idea of a very fun air hockey experience just like you would have in real life. That really pushes the excitement and takes things to the next level every time.


  • Very realistic air hockey experience
  • Play against the AI or with a friend
  • Beautiful graphics, very accurate