Pooper Deluxe
Pooper Deluxe

Pooper Deluxe

Pooper Deluxe

A great game begins with super poppers who are eating on the one hand and the other hand are pooping in the air. The adventure will begin in the toilet first. Then, it will go up into the air and it will continue by collecting meals and the other stuff in the air. Of course, you will need to collect enough food in the air to let this adventure continue full blast. You can play the game with up to four players. Call your friends right now and play now!

Game controls:
Player 1:
Select player: “UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS”

Player 2:
Select player: “W, S”
Move: “A, D”

Player 3:
Select player: “I, K”
Move: “J, L”

Player 4:
Select player: “8,5” Numpad.
Move: “4,6 Numpad.

Have fun!