Funny Nose Surgery

Funny Nose Surgery

In Funny Nose Surgery you need to clean the nose of a girl that always had a snotty noise. You have to figure out a way to solve her nose issues as quickly as possible. Surgery might be one of the options. But you can also add some stickers on hyer nose or customize things as you go along.

The game is very interesting and fun, and it also brings in a fun approach to surgery. It's very different but still rewarding and unique, and you definitely have to check it out for yourself and just enjoy the experience as much as possible.

You will love Funny Nose Surgery because you can customize Mia's looks while also coming up with some rather creative and stunning ideas. Just check it out right now and start preparing Mia for surgery today!


  • Funny surgery experience
  • Fix Mia's nose problems
  • Add stickers to the nose for fun