Blob Wars 2

Blob Wars 2

Blob Wars continues with the latest chapter on with the all excitement! This time you use not only your brain but also your skills. Haste is the most important thing in this war. If you blow up your blob first, you become the king. Do you want to be the king of the blobs?

If you want to play single, click "1 PLAYER" button. You can fight on five different difficulty levels. You can play the easiest level with selecting "Dead Easy" option and you can play the hardest level with selecting "Very Hard" option. After you select the game difficulty, you can start to play.

If you want to play as two player, click "2 PLAYER" button to start to fight as two player.

Game controls as follows:
1st Player:
Pump: "Z and X"

2nd Player:
Pump: "O and P"

Your goal is to pump the blob as fast as you can until it blows up. The first one who does explode it's blob, will be the winner!

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