What about starting a super exciting cubic battle Royale game with the Voxiom.io game? It is a first-person shooter game in which you fight against online players around the world in different game modes like Capture The Gems, Battle Royale, and Free For All.
In Capture The Gems game mode, you start the game in a team and your goal is to find the Sapphire Gems or destroy players around to get your team's score to one hundred. The first team scores 100 first, wins this game.

Game Controls:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Jump: "SPACE"
Inventory: "X"
Crouch: "C"
Sprint: "SHIFT"
Map: "TAB"
Aim: "MOUSE"

In battle Royale mode, you will be dropped over the map and you will seek supplies and you will try to be the last stand on the map. The last man who stands on this mode wins the game.

In Free For All mode, you will spawn at some point on the map each time you are being destroyed and every other online player will be your enemy. Your goal is to be the one who has the most score on the map.

In each game you played, you will earn some game coins according to your or your team's score. You can go to the market area and you can buy new skins for your character after the game. There are lots of weapon skins and lots of character skins in the marketplace. Time to show your style to other players. Let the battle begin!